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How to Grow Your Fitness Class Business Online

So, you finally got your certification as a personal trainer, or you probably want to move and grow your training and fitness business online. Well, about time too! Growing your training and fitness class business online could seem like a daunting task.


But don’t worry, below you’ll find six creative ways to do just that, each one as important as the next:


Step #1: Create an Online Fitness Studio

online fitness studio


An Online fitness studio is a video-based platform that allows trainers to work with online clients. Through this type of medium, you can share workout schedules, nutritional tips, courses, and daily inspirational nuggets and even show your clients and students how particular workouts are done.


This is the number one option because it allows you as a personal trainer to work with an unlimited number of people in any virtual location without spending extra hours. You can use online tools and mediums like YouTube, and TikTok or even create your dedicated website to allow you to share resources worldwide.


Step #2: Grow Your Fitness Class Online by Creating a Blog

fitness blog


Creating a blog which addresses and solves people’s fitness problems will go a long way in growing your training and fitness class business online. People tend to underestimate written content in training and fitness, but you will be surprised by the amount of traffic a well-written post would bring to your class.


It is also important to aim for these queries to show up in top search engines. Check here to learn everything you need to know to start a fitness blog.


Step #3: Post Testimonials from Clients

client testimonials


When trying to grow your business online, it is important to get testimonials from your past clients.  As people tend to rely on your past and proven experiences before patronizing you. So, to grow your training and fitness class business online, you need to post video testimonials from your best clients.


Step #4: Invite Experts into Your Classes

online video call with experts


Bringing in experts in the field to join you in your classes will go a long way in growing your training and fitness class business online. They will lend you credibility, bring more traffic to your page and help you in gaining popularity.


Inviting other experts might even allow them to help you in getting more clients or even refer their clients to you when they have other engagements. You could also get tips from them on how they grew their training and fitness class online and you all would grow together.


Step #5: Social Media Marketing

social media marketing


Social media marketing is a very powerful tool through which your online training and fitness class business could reach prospects and customers. Social media marketing includes activities like posting images, videos and other content that drives audience engagement, as well as paid social media advertising.


facebook and instagram ads course


It is essential to note that your potential consumers are already on social media and by posting amazing content strategically, you will surely attract a great number of followers.


Some things you could do to drive engagement from your existing list and attract new people to your business include, answering live questions on YouTube and blogs, using popular fitness hashtags and holding a photo or video content online.


Step #6: Create Distinct Content for Your Audience

distinct content


Starting your fitness class business online is one thing. However, to ensure that viewers, clients and students keep on coming back to you for more lessons, you have to create and give out your best in each training.


Some ways you can do that is by using clear and sharp images in your content, providing high-quality videos, enabling clear and undisturbed communication when recording and so on.



So there you have it! Starting and growing your online fitness class business seems very easy while following the right steps.


Creating an online studio helps you train a large number of students virtually; Creating a blog helps in providing detailed tips and information concerning your fitness training; Getting and posting testimonials from your best clients helps you become reliable online.


Inviting other experts to your training increases your chance of popularity and sharing more useful tips to your audience from reliable sources; Using social media to your advantage helps you reach a wide audience quickly; Lastly, creating distinct and clear content makes your clients and students able to understand you better.


Hope these tips help you in the growth of your online training and fitness class. Good luck!


What other strategies have you tried to grow your fitness class online, that are not included in this guide? Let us know in the comments.

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