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5 Simple Ways to Increase Restaurant Sales Online

Today, there are much more options for diners than ever before. Thus, it is in the best interests of operators to do everything within their power to attract these customers and keep them. To increase restaurant sales online is the best and most amazing option in pulling loyal customers towards you without hassle.

According to Toasttab, “35% of diners said they are influenced by online reviews when choosing a restaurant“. Also, consumers are more likely to place food orders online and through their mobile devices or find restaurants that have a detailed menu of what they want.

So at this point, it is very wise for a restaurant business to be established online. Below are the five easiest steps to increase restaurant sales online, each one as important as the next.

Step #1: Build a Dedicated Website

Creating a dedicated website is certainly an important move if you want to increase restaurant sales for higher profits in your business today. Remember that people will want to book tables to dine in your restaurant, or might even be looking for a good restaurant to dine.
They would be able to do both if your restaurant services and offers are available on the web. You must also make sure your website is appealing and user friendly.
This implies that your website should be designed in such a way that makes it easy and enjoyable for users to navigate around, and should also have all the information a visitor needs to know about your restaurant. This includes your address, phone number, hours, location and other details.
Online ordering is also important to put in place. Because it strengthens your bond with loyal customers, giving you a high edge to increase restaurant sales within a short period of time.

Step #2: Efficient Use of Social Media

One of the most effective ways to grow your restaurant business online is making use of social media. You should note that your potential customers are on social media so you must create a useful social media page for your business.
Then, start posting and updating relevant content to give details and development of your restaurant. You must also make sure to engage people with your restaurant by regularly posting on all your social media pages.
Another great thing about having a business account for social media is that you can make announcements for any events you may be hosting. You can use it to alert customers if your business is closed unexpectedly for a power outage or other unforeseen reason.
Of course, it’s also a perfect way to connect with your community and humanize your brand. You can use social media as a tool to do many of the customer retention strategies mentioned in this guide.

Step #3: Promotion to Increase Restuarant Sales

Aggressive promotion of your restaurant business online is very crucial to its growth,‍ as it would get your brand recognition among people.
There are many ways to promote your restaurant business online and they include online marketing, running contests and games, creating a customer loyalty program, posting high-quality pictures of food and so on.
You can also turn your existing customers into promoters. Treat them well, and they will, in turn, spread the word about how good your restaurant is. Also, remind them to share your social media posts on their timeline or even feature and tag them in most of your posts.
Another effective strategy to use is email marketing. Email marketing helps you nurture a long-term relationship with your customers, which will enable you to increase restaurant sales as fast as possible.
Since messages have a word count limitation, which is not present in the email, you can use this marketing strategy to send longer messages. You can send periodical newsletters to all your customers to keep them hitched to all the new happenings at your restaurant.

Step #4: Networking

Networking is also very essential to growing your restaurant business online. Joining food owners groups and associations on networking sites will enable you to get to know other restaurant owners who could share secrets of their growth that would get your business up and go.

Step #5: Partner with Smart People

Establishing a relationship with smart people will go a long way in growing your restaurant business online. You will need many ideas from smart people for the steady growth of the business.
Partnering with an influencer or celebrity in the food industry would help increase restaurant sales in a long way. Having customers see their favourite celebrity or role model come to your restaurant increases awareness to your business and thus pulls more customers to you in a short period of time.
So establishing a partnership with them will also help a lot as their ideas are the basis on which you will build a reputation for your restaurant.

Bonus Tip: Claim Your Business Listing with Google My Business

Adding your restaurant profile to Google is a very important part of scaling-up your business online. Google My Business is a free tool from Google that enables businesses to manage their company’s information across Google Search and Google Maps.

According to Google, “97% of consumers search for local products and services, but only 37% of businesses have claimed a Google My Business local business listing on a search engine“. Feel free to check out how to claim your business on Google.


Starting a restaurant is great. Yet, taking advantage of the web and its online tools allow you to increase sales, attract lots of customers and gives you that high edge. By having a dedicated website (check here to create a stunning website for your business), staying up to date and posting your new treaties/recipes on social media, to promoting your restaurant and also networking to serve other businesses online, you are sure to start generating huge profit in your revenues.

Have you been using tools from the web to leverage your restaurant business online? What other strategies have been working for you that are not included in this guide? Let us know in the comments.

FAQs on How to Increase Restaurant Sales

How can I grow my small restaurant?

• A sure way to grow your small restaurant is to leverage the use of online mediums, like a dedicated website, using social media, creating a Google My Business account etc.

• Also, reward your existing customers with loyalty programs, to let them help you advertise. Word of mouth is very powerful.

• Lastly, create great recipes that want customers coming back for more.

How do Restaurants Increase Sales Delivery?

• Use technology to leverage your delivery service. By using online delivery apps and websites that accept payments, you make it easy for both you and your customers deliver on time.

• Providing great service is key to ensuring a great delivery. Make sure the food is well packaged; equip your delivery boys with insulated food bags that keep hot items warm and cold things fresh through the ride and also package food safely in delivery vehicles.

• Have clear and precise information about your customers' order. Get their correct addresses and correct order before taking off.

How do I get more customers to my restaurant?

• Leave smart flyers

• Network and create partnerships with other local businesses.

• Offer discounts from time to time • Embrace events in your restaurant, so as to create awareness

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